BLAMEYOURDAZE is a clothing and art concept located in Athens which associates apparel and craftsmanship with daze and imagination. The brand’s signature aesthetic takes inspiration from the flowing feminity with the modern woman in mind, by creating comfort, playful and minimal pieces embracing everyday life.

Established in 2014, Blameyourdaze handpicks unique luscious fabrics and exquisite designs with the premise of creating long-lasting collections designed not only to be practical and comfortable but also to enhance your wardrobe for years to come.

Balancing between simple and elegant to contemporary and classical, Blameyourdaze highlights the refined details in feminine clothing and aesthetics with a utilitarian, classy and appealing design at affordable prices. Blameyourdaze is the go-to brand for easy, effortless and ageless style for all the women who embrace cool sophistication.

” Women should have the freedom to reflect their personality through their clothes/style and enjoy any contradiction by combining feminine with masculine pieces,  classical ones with super modern but above all, they should buy pieces that make them feel like they own the world and enjoy them again and again and again until they are worn out.

Always remember that your clothes keep a piece of memory.

The first date dress /the long walk at the fields Bermuda/ the promoting day trousers.

I create uniforms for the individuals.”

Ioanna-Petra Tsantaki